The Best Nail Subscription Boxes

Nail subscription boxes allow you to experiment with different styles and nail products, such as press-ons and nail art. Maybe you are tired of going to the salon and want to do your nails right before your big day. These nail subscription boxes can simplify your life. We’ve compiled a list of the top nail subscription boxes.

Overall, Best ORLY

Why we chose it: Orly is a loved professional brand that offers vegan and seasonal polishes, as well new ones.


  • You can use salon brand products at home
  • Nail polishes are vegan and cruelty-free


  • There are fewer creative options than in other boxes
  • Sells out quickly

ORLY is a family-owned company with Los Angeles headquarters. It uses vegan, cruelty-free products.

ORLY now offers Color Pass, a quarterly subscription box for nail polish. It offers half-off new collections and bonus items. Every Color Pass box includes fun seasonal items as well as new nail varnish, additional products and discounts.

ORLY Color Pass is very popular. has a high demand due to more people doing at-home manis. According to ORLY’s publicist, Color Pass memberships have increased by more than 600% since 2020. ORLY also expects that subscriptions will increase by 100%.

Color Pass is approximately $119 per year or $36 each quarter.

Nailboxy is the best for nail art

Why we chose it: Nailboxy offers the best way to try nail art. You will receive glitter, charms and tweezers along with other interesting accessories.


  • Nail art inspiration from an online community
  • Step-by-step tutorials are available on the Nailboxy Instagram account
  • This site focuses on nail art fun with lots of unique pieces like charms and crystals.


  • It’s not as simple to make manis as with other boxes. You will need some artistic talent.

Each month Nailboxy delivers between five and fifteen full-sized nail products. These could include nail art products or foil strips. All products can be used to create unique nail art designs with the help of charms, glitter, and crystals. You can also learn new techniques by joining Nailboxy’s online forum, where members share photos of their designs and offer tutorials.

The June 2021 box contained 11 items. These included a nail art organizer and pixie crystal caviar beads. There were also neon candy beads, gold heart studs, gold heart studs, charms, tweezers and paper flowers.

Boxes are $50 per month and come with free shipping to the United States.

Clutch Nails are the best for press-on nails

Why we chose it: Clutch Nails are fun, neutral and easy to use.


  • Neutral nails look natural
  • It is easy to trim nails for the length you desire
  • Nails are very easy to apply
  • This is one of the most affordable options


  • You can remove the fun shapes they create by cutting the nails
  • Some nails can be very long (think Kardashian style).

Alexandra Tonks, a college student who realized the need for press-on nails, founded Clutch Nails. The brand is now available at Target.

Clutch Nails is the easiest option. You don’t need to be an artist and can apply your mani fast without waiting for nails to dry. Although some press-ons can be very long, they are easy to trim and file down. If you don’t like the length of these press-ons, you can filter them by length so that you only choose short nails. They also come in trendy shapes like coffin and square, so you can channel your inner Kardashian.

The brand also offers the Clutch Club, which is a subscription service that allows you to get either one or two nail kits per month for $8 or $15. You can choose the length you prefer or you can say that you are open to all lengths. You can choose from neutral options like Natural Nude or Greek Goddess. These are great for wedding weekends. If you are looking for something Bachelorette Party-ready options, Hot Girl Stunner, Ride or Die and Electric Blue may be the best.

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