Strangest Beauty Tips

So I like to do things a little differently here. I thought instead of just writing a list of beauty tips I’d do some research into some of the strangest beauty tips people claim to work.

I have tried a few of these myself and the rest I’d definitely be up for giving a go! So here’s my list:

  1. With Mayo Please!

My first tip is Mayonnaise for your hair! Usually an addition to a salad or a sandwich this creamy devil is the new answer to shiny hair! This one I have tried! After months of bleaching my hair I ended up resembling a scarecrow…my hair was literally like straw. I was desperate, willing to try anything, so I went into the fridge and brought out the Mayo!! The oils and fats from the mayonnaise nourishes your hair and is amazing for a deep conditioning treatment for very dry hair, it also leaves your hair looking amazingly shiny! Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply 1-3 tablespoons (use more for longer hair) of mayo to your hair
  • Use a comb (or fingers!) to spread the mayo through your hair
  • Cover your hair with a cap or a bag. This seals in heat and helps the mayo work, you can also give it a quick blast with the hair dryer!
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes
  • Rinse of in the shower and give your hair a quick shampoo to remove any sneaky mayo you didn’t get out!
  1. Not Just For Eats!

Yes that’s right…potatoes are no longer just something to go along with your Sunday roast. They actually have a number of benefits for the skin and the hair! Here’s a few:

  • They help with dry skin – Make a potato face mask by grating a spud and adding half a tea spoon of curd then applying to your face for 20 minutes.
  • They treat rashes/sunburn/itchiness and bites – Place a slice of raw potato on the affected area for a few minutes to relieve the itchiness.
  • Get rid of crows feet by grating a potato and mixing with olive oil then applying around the eye area.

Not One For Vampires!

It might leave you smelling a bit funny but Garlic has been said to help nail growth. Apply a garlic paste to your nails once or twice a week, leave the juices to soak in then wash off with a nice scented soap! You can also add Garlic to your nail polish, let it sit for a few days then paint your nails as normal!

As Soft As A Baby’s Bottom!

Nappy rash cream is no longer just for babies! This stuff is amazing as a moisturiser and its kind to the purse strings! Try using Sudocrem as a face mask and leave on for 10 minutes. It’s also been said to be a great make-up primer, try it before make-up for a mattified look!

What's new in Fashion is always being my curiosity, from cool funky dresses, accessories and celebrity outlook to latest hairstyling, makeup and beauty & skin care tips, I am always ready to know what’s happening in Fashion industry and feel free to share.

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