Nutriganics Foaming Face Wash, Facial Cleanser

The Body Shop has a reputation for offering pure and natural products, but in actual fact only a select range are free from ingredients that I don’t expect to find in natural products. Thankfully, they have introduced Nutriganics. This ECOCERT approved range is made up of cleansers, toners, serums and moisturisers and is designed to tackle those niggling first lines that creep up on us in our twenties. With this in mind, I approached the cleanser and toner with some trepidation. For a product to have genuine anti-ageing effects surely it would have to stay on longer, and have a thicker consistency than a wash-off cleanser and toning lotion?

So let’s cut to the chase: has my nearly thirty year old skin gained a youthfulness unknown to it since using these products? No. It was never going to, really, despite The Body Shop promising a “more energised … complexion” and stating that they’re designed to combat “the first signs of ageing”. I don’t expect any cleanser or toner to tackle wrinkles, what I do expect, however, is for them to clean my face gently but effectively and leave it feeling fresh.

The face wash is foaming, and it’s pretty effective. The pump dispenser gives you a ping pong ball sized amount, but I felt one wasn’t enough. It’s a gentle formula and has only a faint odour but more importantly it cleanses very well. It really freshened up my face but was gentle enough for me to use with a facial loofah for a little light exfoliation. My face didn’t feel tight at all after use and looked nice and bright, but it doesn’t remove waterproof make-up very well, so you’ll need an additional product for that.

The toner “softens, smoothes and revitalises” – it’s certainly got a revitalising fragrance (I found it to be stronger than the cleanser) and it, too, left my face feeling comfortable, but I’m not sure where the smoothing claim comes from. The toner consistency is slightly unusual as it’s more of a runny jelly than a liquid. It’s actually quite nice; it goes on well and feels much more substantial than most toners, some of which seem like little more than glorified water. It certainly helps to justify the price.

98 – 99% natural ingredients for the toner and cleanser respectively, as well as a guarantee of 40% organic, are encouraging. The Babassu oil from Brazil is also ethically sourced and like all Body Shop products, neither the ingredients nor the finished products are tested on animals so they’re an environmentally friendly choice.

I am pleased that The Body Shop is finally embracing organic cosmetics, and on first impressions their Nutriganics range is a success. Both the cleanser and toner are high quality products that should suit most skin types, except, perhaps, the very driest skin. There are cheaper alternatives available, but Nutriganics offers reliable performance for the asking price.

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