How To Properly Cleanse Skin

Very few of the people might be aware of the fact that skin is an organ! In fact, it is the largest organ of the human body. The skin covers an average of 19 sq. ft and weighs about 7 lb. The first step towards healthy skin is appropriate skin cleansing care. Properly cleansing is the cornerstone for health of the skin, no matter how old you are or what kind of the skin you are gifted with.

Whether the skin is dry, oily or both combined (combination type of skin), cleansing is the way to have radiant and glorious skin that catches everyone’s attention. In case if someone is suffering from pimple or acne, keeping the skin clean is very essential part in treatment of those ugly looking spots and to make skin beautiful.

How To Cleanse Your Face

Once you decide to undergo skin cleansing, start with a cleanser, which is formulated for your particular type of skin; whether you have dry, oily, and normal, or of mix (combination type of skin) or sensitive type of skin. Toilet bars are generally drying and hence, are to be used for the skin on the neck or downwards to that. A cleanser that is made especially for the face is best and the formula must not be too rough for your skin type.

A better way to put the matter if your cleanser is too concentrated is, if it leaves the skin “screaky” clean. Stripping the skin would remove all the natural oils which act as a protective mantelpiece to the skin. If you undergo makeup, you also got to be sure choosing a cleanser that can remove it effectively, or you could use a different makeup remover prior to skin care cleansing.

The best way washing the face is to use lukewarm water that can loosen the pores and make them clean so the dirt gets out. One should avoid extreme temperatures like too hot or chilly weather since they can break the tiny capillaries. It is therefore, one should use a dime-sized amount of any natural cleanser and start applying it in a circular motion very gently; all over your face. Wash it off a couple of times with lukewarm water and then wash it again few more times with cold water. There is logic behind this – when you wash with lukewarm water, the pores get widen and the dirt gets out since heat expands the things and when done, cold water tightens the pores.

You can also start using a washcloth but then it must be cleaned, soft and preferably made up by pure cotton. For better results, washing the face twice a day; in the morning and in the evening is always preferred. Take note that if the face is washed more frequently, one might be at risks of having dry face and hence, to avoid it, gently rub the skin with some essential oils. The right mix of oils on the skin is what enlightens its natural beauty. In case, if the skin has very less oil, it would dry out and if there is too much oil, the pores might get clogged and blemish may appear.

Cleaned cotton facecloth is the best for use to gently moisten the facial skin prior to any sort of cleansing. However, one should not rub or scrub vigorously using it as it can irritate or make your skin your. A facecloth doesn’t necessarily to be used for appropriate cleansing the skin since it is a matter of personal taste. A soft cotton made towel or any clothe made up of natural fibers can be put in order to assist dry the skin. One should blot the towel onto the skin without rubbing or scrubbing till the skin is smoothened and comfortably dry to the touch.

Many health and beauty experts believe that drinking plenty of water and eating well-balanced meals rich in roughage or fibers is essential to cleanse not only the skin but entire body, especially the colons. A healthy lifestyle ponders on your skin so to stay in good physical condition can assist in the attractive appearance of your skin.

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