How To Have A Preppy Look – For Guys

‘What would serve for the girls would also serve for the boys’. If the statement is true then why are we faced with a barrage of questions? This insatiable curiosity led to extortion of the essence that the imperceptible tips for the guys must be replaced by something vehement to wipe off the deadpan appearance.

However, if you are among those guys who are rummaging through webpages with connotations of glamour and success then this post will definitely help you maintain your preppy look.

How To Be Preppy

Preppy Brands

If you want to convene with other preppy friends, try to wear clothes with respectable brand names like J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste, Southern Tide, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc.

How To Have A Preppy Look

The non-classy brands like Aeropostale, Hollister or Abercrombie must be avoided.


Rugby shirts delineated by light coloured chinos will also enhance your preppy look.

Clothes with decent colours like lime green, pink, sky blue, yellow, navy blue, etc. will touch you and draw you, yet will chase you in a subtle manner once you get acquainted with them.

Trendy And Comfortable

You should be comfortable with your outfit and it should not seem as if you are shoving it down your throat. Classic leather belt along with a canvas devoid of any studded ornamentation will definitely exhibit a clean look.

Though leather moccasins or flip flops may seem quite prosaic but they are quite preppy when it comes to summer wear. If you want to look classy under the bright summer sun, try top-siders and just leave behind your socks.


An insincere effort towards collection of musky items can completely ruin your preppy look.

A preppy muskiness is depicted through your collection set which includes aftershave, deodorant, shampoo and cologne. Try not to put too much of any fragrant.


If you are already conscious about your preppy look then wearing dark rimmed glasses will be regarded as an indictment since they are for the geeks.

Though Buddy Holly spectacles have already hit the trendy runway but clean rimless glasses are not completely out of the market. If you think that you have the paradoxical capacity for both appreciation and contempt then you can experiment with the archaic geeky glasses.


Go for simple fluffy hairstyles parted on the sides. Long hairstyles are now regarded as obsolete style statements and the traditional short haircuts are now filling up the vacuum. Just draw the blinds off your memory and focus on the movies and music videos of 1950s. You will see the same crew cut and crop top hairstyles.

How To Dress Preppy

Active participation in sports revealed through toned body structure, personal hygiene, high grades and decent manners are few additional features of a preppie. If you have interest in music, try to join a choir especially orchestra or madrigals. You should avoid getting into bands.

If a jaunty wave at your friends reveals tattoos or piercings from underneath your clothes, it will certainly not uphold your preppy style. Your roots must be planted so deep that your appearance is enough to kill the ripples of laughter in a gathering.

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