How to choose a wedding beauty look that works with your destination

Now that you have booked your wedding venue , things are starting to look like they should. Next up? Makeup and hair. It can be difficult to find the perfect look for destination weddings. Your makeup should last at least until the first toast, and your hairstyle should look amazing during the last dance.

You probably already know which products work well in your normal everyday environment. You will likely need to make some changes to your routine for the destination marriage.

Hot and humid weather

You’ve probably been there in hot and humid weather wearing a full-face of makeup. It can quickly start to sweat. It’s frustrating to spend a lot of time on your makeup only to have it melt in the sun.

Rowe says that the best way to ensure your makeup remains in hot climates is by keeping it minimal. The artist says that less is better. Keep it simple foundation and take your time in completing it. Primer is essential for hot and humid climates. This step should not be skipped.


Sky loves to use Jones Road beauty Face Pencils for his skin. This light foundation pencil helps cover redness, correct discoloration, and cover dark spots while remaining almost undetectable. He says that foundation is not necessary in hot and humid climates. These face pencils are fantastic because they come in many colors and can be blended to your liking.

Once you have your foundation set up, you are halfway there. Make sure you blend everything well. Next, you’ll want to set your foundation with a good setting powder like Huda Beauty Easy-Bake Loose Baking and Set Powder or Ben Nye Luxury Powder. Setting powder can extend the life of makeup, particularly in hot weather. It reduces shine and prevents creasing around the eyes and mouth.

If you’re prone to a shiny T-zone, Sky recommends carrying blotting powder papers like Fenty Beauty Invisimatte blotting paper. These booklets don’t add texture to the skin and help to mattify.


You want to be able to see the word waterproof on all your products. You’re bound to feel joy on your wedding day, possibly mixed with sweat from the heat. Black circles under your eyes from makeup running is not something you want. Sky says, “Definitely use a black eyeliner such as L’Oreal Pro-Last.” Sky says that the pencil is applied on top of the eye to help define the eyes. Next, I will use Maybelline’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. It’s an affordable option. It’s best to layer it three times and let each one dry between. Bottom lashes are not recommended as waterproof mascara can get under your eyes.


A splash of color can brighten any smile. However, in hot temperatures it is important to choose a blush that will not look dry or mushy. Nars Blush gives you a natural-looking, lightweight rush of color on your cheeks in shimmering, matte and satin finishes. It also has high-quality pigmentation that lasts for a long time.


Rowe recommends that you base your lipstick with a pencil or primer to ensure it stays on all day. Sky suggests using a matte lipstick after you have your base set. Sky says that he likes to use Mac Cosmetics lipsticks in pinky beige and berry colors for those with darker skin tones. “Once the lips are stained, I apply ELF Lip-plumping Gloss – The lips should be kissable so some gloss is the best.


Braided hairstyles such as updos or braids are cool for keeping cool in hot weather. But if you prefer your hair down, an anti-humidity cream or spray is a good choice. Rowe says that anti-humidity products have become a huge trend and is what you should be looking for when styling hair in hot, humid conditions. NTRL by Sabs Nourishing Collection are my favorite for curly hair. The conditioner and shampoo are excellent for creating a soft foundation for styling. The nourishing oil also helps to reduce frizz. For years, I have used Kerastase Discipline Anti Frizz Spray and Lottabody Wrap me Foaming Mousse to style my textured hair. They’ve never failed me.”

Frosty or cold weather

Moisture is the key to flawless makeup for a picturesque wedding in a location that has colder temperatures. Rowe says that moisture is the key to flawless makeup in this climate.


Sky says, “I love to use Zo Skin Health with my clients in colder climates.” They have wonderful products that moisturize your skin. To avoid any skin reactions, it’s a good idea to test new products at least two weeks before the wedding.

Both makeup artists suggest that foundation coverage be light in order to avoid dry patches or a cakey look. You can finish your look by using a lightweight setting powder such as Makeup forever Ultra HD Matte Powder.


Sky says, “Waterproof, waterproof and waterproof–I cannot say it enough, cool climate makes the eyes hurt.” The L’Oreal Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil looks amazing and doesn’t move. Sky says that false lashes are best worn in colder temperatures as they will stay put. “I prefer to use Ardell mascara with gray adhesive because it blends better with my eyeliner. Then I apply waterproof mascara.”


You want products to give you a more hydrated look in colder temperatures. Rowe suggests using cream blushers. Most brands have moisturizing oils which lock in moisture and reflect light onto dry skin. Try Ilia Multistick Blush + Lip Tint or Glossier Cloud Painting or Tarte Cheek Stain.

Sky loves to use colors to recreate the blushing look of a bride. He applies pink or coral to the apples and cheeks for those with darker skin tones, while wine-colored blush is for those with deeper skin tones.


Satin finishes look great in this weather, but you should moisturize with a natural lipstick like NTRL by Sabs Natural Lip Balm. A lip stain is a better choice if you don’t want the hassle of reapplying lipstick. These products have a greater staying power. Sky says that Mac cosmetics are great for lip stain colors. “I would stick to a color similar to your own lip color or two shades brighter, and top off with the ELF Lip-plumping Gloss.”


You’re lucky if your destination is cold. Your curls will be able to withstand the cold and crisp air, and your hair will look great. Sky says that if you are wearing your hair down, a great blowout with Bumble and Bumble Thickening spray will give you a shiny finish that will last all year. Sky says that no matter the weather, it is important to ensure your hair is secure and not blowing onto your face when you say “I do.” Meghan Markle looked stunning with her hair down for her wedding, and I loved the way that Solange kept her hair natural on her big day. It was stunning!

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