How Does Your Diet Affect Your Skin?

Introduction to the Skin and Its Health

Beautiful skin diet is a key to clear and attractive skin that has no wrinkles and other skin problems, especially the acne. The diet is quite important factor in caring the skin. Fruits in daily diet is common knowledge but effective since years. There should be a correct balanced diet in all meals in right ratio of vitamin, mineral, carbohydrates, fats and lastly proteins. The people who are non-vegetarian have rich amount of proteins in their diet and compared to this, vegans with their diet lack of it and therefore, they got to include fair amounts of proteins into their diet. A person seeking good and attractive skin must avoid eating junk food, packaged foods, fried food and saturated stuffs to keep the skin in a well condition as such foods are now proven to be triggering factors that give raise to skin conditions such as acne, pimples and break outs on the skin after hormones’ imbalance.

Current Scenario and Recommendation

The majority of people all across the world eat too much fatty foods and not enough fibre and for most people an appropriate and balanced diet quite a simple task easy to follow. The step towards a healthy diet may just mean eating more fruits, vegetable, breads, cereal, potato, and pastas! They are unaware of the fact that there are many elements that are very useful keeping skin beautiful. For instance, zinc is for boosting the immunity and to promote optimum health. Selenium is another mineral antioxidant that helps minimizing the damage of ultraviolet rays. The cereals are good and come as a basic food that nourishes the body.

Second, it would be the fruit and vegetables. Third would be the milk and dairy foods and the fourth is meat, fish, poultry and pulses and least and last one is the food that contains fats and sugars. Proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are the main pillars that build the body and skin. The foods that one needs to increase in the diet, in case their skin is saggy or appears older than the actual age, includes eating foods with vitamin C since it is very helpful vitamin in to keep all the allergies away from body and helps to improve the overall immune system. Vitamin C heals and is great antioxidant that fights against the aging.

Some Warnings and Some Favoring

Sugary foods are one of the main sources of carbohydrates but then it does more damage than favor so one should keep on checking the sugar intake in regular diet. Vegetarian diet lacks of proper proteins and hence, such people are advised to increase their intake of pulse, dairy products, and whole grains products plus sprouts. These all foods are rich in proteins. Soybeans too are well-known source and nowadays, they can also be fortified in many other foods. Various forms are available in the market that contains soy as their main ingredients such as Soya chunk, Soya granules, Soya flours that are advisable for beautiful skin. Beauty experts also believe that Vitamin E is best that protects the skin cells against free radicals. Just like Vitamin C, this also falls under the category of powerful antioxidant that would help slowing down the aging process, especially of skin cells and hence, promotes healthy skin.

Just like the other bodily organs, the skin also requires proper care and nourishment to appear and feel healthy and avoid unwanted and obvious changes due to aging. Coriander leaves, mint, holy basil and turmeric are well known herbs that can be included in diet. Drinking plenty of water flushes out the bodily toxins and makes skin glorious. For beautiful skin, especially spotless (acne free) skin, one should not remain constipated and hence, Psyllium husk can be taken once in 15-30 days to cleanse the bowels and remain healthy.

For skin diet, one should include some supplements that are available in pills and syrup forms. They are called as multivitamins and are taken only after physician’s recommendation since overdose of such supplements would make things worse and not in favor. Certain herbs like Neem, Ginseng, Yebra mate, Spirulina are considered to be very good since they all possess antioxidant properties offering rejuvenation to dermal cells.

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