Hair Scarf Tying Ideas

Hair Scarf Tying IdeasHair scarves are the most glamorous thing during summers. But carrying it off can become troublesome if you do not know how to wear one. There are a few famous styles that I have listed below and they are quite easy to wear. Simple yet elegant, these styles would definitely turn heads wherever you go. So take out your colorful scarves that have been lying in your wardrobe unused and improvise.

Ways to Tie a Hair Scarf

Crown Wrap

This name is derived from its look. It is the way you can wear your hair scarf like a crown. To do this, tie your hair into a small pony and then take a rectangular scarf and place it over your head. Place the scarf in such a manner that the right end of the scarf is long and the left end is short.

Now pull them lightly around the back and interchange the ends bringing them forward. Finally you will have the right end shorter than the left. Now twist the longer end all the way to the end and wrap it over the top of your head and tie a knot with the shorter end. Use a beautiful printed scarf for this style.

Turban Wrap

This looks really fancy and can be worn anytime you want to look funky with cool bohemian jewelry and a pair of glares. In case you want to protect your hair or you are having a bad hair day, then this stylish wrap will cover it up with grace. To do this, place a rectangular scarf over the head and pull the ends back together and twist them together all the way to the end.

Ways to Tie a Hair Scarf

Now pull the twisted end over your head to the front and press the ends inside the scarf at the hairline. Bring the best out of this head wrap style by going for a colorful printed scarf.

Gypsy Knot

This type of a hair scarf style is very fashionable and good for summers. This style, as the name suggests, derives from the gypsies. To work this style, take a rectangular scarf and fold it length wise into a long thin scarf. The scarf does not need to be perfectly folded.

scarf tying ideas

Now wrap it from under your head to the top of the head and tie a knot at the front of your head. Now shift the knot at little to the left or right, as you think fit. Make sure the knot is not very messy but not perfect either.

Grace Kelly Wrap

This is the way Princess of Monaco and the famous American actress Grace Kelly used to wear her scarf. To wear this, fold a scarf into a triangle, make sure the scarf is big enough. Now place the scarf on your head and cross the two ends over the front and pull them behind your head and tie a knot at the back. This look would be fascinating with solid colored scarves and printed ones also. Wear a bold pair of glares with this look.

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