Bikini Beauty Tips – How to Look Great

The time of the year has come to get you skin and body ready for summer! For some of you the thoughts of putting on a bikini makes you shudder! It is never too late to lose weight and get in shape for summer! For a weight loss program check out on the right of this site my weight loss journey’s one and two. I am in Hawaii as I am writing this sitting in my bikini! I haven’t worn one for many years . My recent working out hard and losing weight has allowed me to do this and trust me it is hard work! I have not arrived yet, I definetly need to lose more weight and keep working out to reach my goal of another 20lb loss! If I can do it anyone can do it but be prepared to work hard, it is totally worth it. Don’t forget as you are working on your body you are improving your health and your skin will look radiant!

Here are 10 “HOT” tips for Beautiful Bikini Skin and Body!

1. Ex-foliate your skin two times a week. Make sure when you are exfoliating yous skin that you do not use a abrasive product on your face. Only use one formulating for your face. My favorites is Mary Kay’s Body Sugar scrub for the body and the microdermabrasion for the face. I also love to treat myself at the spa for a Brown Sugar Body Treatment~ Don’t forget to do your back to prevent blemishes!

2. Waxing for legs, bikini area as well as armpits(ouch) Of course you can do the traditional shaving or creams that remove hair, however waxing lasts a lot longer! If you develop a rash in the bikini area, check out the creams and gels you can get to soothe that area. Make sure you get your waxing done a few days before you leave on holidays or any special event. Also use a loofah sponge in the bikini area before and after waxing(start the day after) to prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps. Right after waxing mix some baby oil as well as a salicylic-acid based astringent(Mary Kay has a Blemish control toner that would be good for this) This mixture will soothe and help keep the hair follicles clear. Use the loofah sponge in that area for 3 days after waxing. Also remember to put sunscreen on in that area as it can burn very easily!

3. Manicures and pedicures, now you may ask what this has to do with Bikini skin and I am not sure! All I know that it looks nice!

Check your heels and make sure you use a pumas stone to remove dead skin and moisturize well. A professional pedicure will last for a few weeks.

4. Moisturizing your skin… there are great creams out there for example body butter gives your skin a glow and moisturizes well. There are also a lot of sunless tanning moisturizing creams out there now that give your skin a bronze glow when used daily. For tips on how to use a sunless tanning lotion check out my article to the right of this site.

5. Protect you skin from the sun. Use a sunscreen daily.(check out my article , “Protect you skin from the sun” to the right of this site)

6. Cellulite- What can I say! Even thin people have it. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise as often as you can. Keep the skin moisturized , my favorite cream I am using now for cellulite is Mary Kay’s Cellu-Shape System. You don’t have to massage with these creams as you do some others. There is one cream for the night and one for the day.Having tanned looking legs will hide some cellulite(read my articles on using sunless tanning cream and tips)

7. Some fragrances can contribute to dark spots- best to not use a fragrance out in the direct sun!(see my article on Hyperpigmentation)

8. Wear a hat to protect your hair as well as your face. Don’t forget to condition your hair as well.

9. Don’t forget your sunglasses as well.

10. Most important, be comfortable in your skin, take care of it and wear your bikini with pride!

What's new in Fashion is always being my curiosity, from cool funky dresses, accessories and celebrity outlook to latest hairstyling, makeup and beauty & skin care tips, I am always ready to know what’s happening in Fashion industry and feel free to share.

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