Best Natural Homemade Beauty Care Recipes

It is quite easier to make your own homemade beauty recipes than you think. These recipes are very simple to follow along and composed of most common household products or items. Beauty recipes that are developed at home provide best alternative to costly cosmetic products. However, along with such recipes, other things are to be considered. Diet is not the solitary factor as personal hygienic condition does matter and play important role for healthy skin. One of the most important factors is the cleanliness of the body. Face is to be rinsed quite regularly with lukewarm water and natural soap since this procedure removes extra oils, sweats, dirt and microorganisms.

Important rules

The most common beauty masks that are homemade should remain onto the skin for 10-15 minutes and should be followed by a cleansing and a thinned layer of moisturiser. Masks application is one of the oldest beautifying therapies. All it requires for a beautiful, glorious, fresh skin is put it on formulation; leave it 10-20 minutes and then rinse it off. There are many different kinds of facial masks that possess multitasks like they serve as nourishing, remedial, cleansing and an astringent solution. Squeeze ½ a lemon and mix this juice with one beaten egg white. Fix it on the face overnight or, for a quick bracer, just 10 minutes. Later on, splash lukewarm water onto the face to wash thoroughly, it would help removing blotches since the lemon works as a bleaching agent.

The recipes


Homemade beauty recipe includes using milk since it is the easiest and cheapest recipe. One can moist some cotton gauze piece by immersing in milk and rub it on the face. One can add little rosewater for better results. Avocado is another natural affluent moisturiser. Mush the center of the avocado till it turns in a creamy texture. Massage this onto the face and neck region. Keep this for about 15 min and gently rinse it off. The best facial pack as homemade beauty recipe includes using fresh pineapple, organic oats and honey from the acacia. Take three tbsp of oats and grind it well till it turns to fine powder. Add then one tbsp of honey and 3 big slices of pineapple that are fleeced into small pieces. Again, blend till it turns into fine paste. Apply this wonderful solution makeup brush and keep it for 15 min – it might cause blemishes to tingle little bit but this is normal and not to worry about. Later on, rinse with lukewarm water to end the procedure.


Another homemade beauty recipe is simply applying pulp of beetroots and carrots onto the face. For this, cut them into pieces and make a fine paste. Apply onto the face and keep it for about 20 minutes. Rinse the face off after that preferably with lukewarm water. It works as blood purifying agent and hence, offers fair complexions.


The best ever facial mask is natural honey. To use this, place a cloth (preferably cotton made) in lukewarm water and then apply onto the face to cleanse the pores. Smear on the natural honey and keep it for about half an hour. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and then use cold water to close the pores. Use this therapy once in a week.


The homemade remedy to gain beautiful skin of face includes grape juice usage. This makes an excellent cleanser for any kind of skin. Simply split 1-2 grapes, remove seeds if any, and rub that flesh onto the face and neck. Rinse them off with cool water after half an hour.


Cucumbers and lemons are great for skin. Their juices are excellent homemade beauty recipes that can be used onto any kind of skin. An application of cucumbers would reduce the effects of ageing while lemons help reducing pimples and preventing bacterial infection. Yogurt mixing with lemon juice offers wonderful effects, especially in case of oily skin. Eggs are another great rejuvenator for the body if applied externally but they are used more on the hair as compared to on the face. Natural and unprocessed milk is another reliable homemade nutrient for any sort of skin to provide radiant look and refreshing facial skin.

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