Beauty Tips To Make You Feel Beautiful

What is beauty? The oxford dictionary defines beauty as “A combination or quality, such as form, color, shape, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses and the sight, especially.” What do you consider beauty? It is the symmetry of your faces, your bone structure, color, gender, age, and weight. Is beauty what you see on TV?

Are you more attracted to makeup artists and facialists who can transform your skin and restore your youth?  Every culture has its own definition of beauty. Kayan tribes, for example, believe that long giraffe heads are the best sign of beauty. People in the Kayan tribes start to primp their necks with brass rings from five years old. People from Asia consider whiter skin to be a sign that they are wealthy and beautiful. You may have been influenced by some of these regional and cultural definitions of beauty as a child.

Beauty is defined by definition

Ever looked in a mirror that was completely clouded from a steamy hot bath? That is the way I see our beauty.  Although we can see ourselves clearly, the mirror is clouded by our life experiences and childhood memories. We struggle to find our definition of beauty. It’s high time that we redefine what beauty means to us. Here roopam refers to the outer beauty, which is reflected in a beautiful hairstyle and a radiant complexion. Gunam is the inner beauty, which is reflected in a warm personality and an innocent heart. Vayastyag, on the other hand, is a lasting beauty, which is reflected in feeling healthy and young. This holistic definition of beauty can be achieved by everyone. It is closely linked to overall mental and physical health.

Acceptance of yourself is the key to beauty. Real beauty comes from accepting your imperfections and realizing that they are part of who you are. Beauty is the ability to radiate your spirit and show kindness to yourself and others. It also includes having a positive character, strength, self-confidence, and a strong character. Beauty is simply being physically and emotionally healthy. These aren’t just my words. An annual beauty survey of over 20,000 consumers from 20 countries revealed that beauty is all about looking good. The top-rated beauty category was “hygiene, cleanliness”, “inner confidence”, and “being comfortable with your skin”. “Looking your best,” “maintaining your youthful appearance,” and “looking your best” were lower.

Factors that Influence a Beautiful Body

Beauty tips tend to focus on offering quick fixes for your problems. If you pay attention to the following factors, you will feel truly beautiful.


Stress is the main cause of hormonal imbalances in your body. Stress can also damage your skin’s barrier function which decreases its ability absorb and retain water. The skin becomes dry and flaky as a result. It is important to incorporate exercise into your daily life to reduce stress. Stress management is as easy as taking a walk, doing yoga or meditation every day.


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