Beauty Mistakes How To Fix Them

There are literally so many ‘beauty rules’ out there it’s kinda hard to know what your doing right and what your doing ‘wrong’ I think there is no such thing as wrong, make-up is about being individual and playing about with it until you find what works for you. I have read so many ‘What not to do’ and numerous lists of ‘Top Beauty Mistakes’ I’ve decided to focus on the positive, whats the point in being told whats wrong and not how to fix it!? Check out my list below of common beauty mistakes and how to fix them!


I don’t know what it is I do at night but I always have major bed head when I wake up and if like me and always rushing around in the morning there isn’t much time to fix it! Try these tips:

  • Get out your trusty can of dry shampoo and spray over your hair, then try running a brush through it.
  • If your showering at night, make sure your hair is completely dry before getting into bed
  • If all else fails, gather it all and make a bun on the top of your hair and spray with hairspray (my favourite)

I’ll admit I’m a little guilty of this mistake, until you’ve made the effort to go and wash your brushes you want realise how much the actually needed to do it. Here’s some tips on how to freshen up your brushes:

  • Run your brushes under lukewarm water to rinse out all the product then use brush cleaner, or even shampoo and gently swirl the tips of the brush into the sink/bowl you are using. Rinse again and keep swirling until the water runs clear. Gently dry with a cloth then lay out to dry.
  • Do this once a month and your brushes will stay in top shape
  • Remember to shape your bristles before you lay them out to dry

I’ve just had a clear out of the stuff I no longer use, this is important with your make-up as it does have an expiry date, it’s not going to kill you or make you sick but it could cause skin irritations and break outs.


Sometimes you crash into bed so tired you forget to take your make-up off…don’t do it! Not taking your make-up off at night clogs pores and can cause all sorts of skin irritation. Here’s some before bed tips:

  • Use a good cleansing face wash
  • Don’t rub your face raw!
  • Don’t use baby wipes – they don’t do the job!
  • Use a good eye make-up remover to ensure all the mascara is gone

Never pump your mascara wand! When you do this all you are doing is letting more air in meaning it will dry out even quicker! If there is too much product on your want, just simply wipe it off with a tissue!

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