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So I was walking around Pound World yesterday and I noticed their bargain beauty range has seriously grown! I can’t ever help myself when I spot a bargain beauty product, so I had to go have a look. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had brands like Rimmel and Miss Sporty, and not just their reject products either, I was really surprised by their range. I had to hold myself back and only purchased a few things, although at one point I did have various nail polishes, glitter and nail art pens in my hand! My bargain beauty purchases ended up being an Eyelash Curler, Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask and Manhattan Clear face 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up (76 Sand) here’s what I thought:

Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

I’m starting with this one because it was my favourite. A little background into my crazy hair is I’m naturally dark and decided to bleach my hair blonde (Yes. I Know.) My hair got in seriously bad shape so I shoved a brown dye over it and promised NEVER to bleach my hair again. Now I’m always on the hunt for something to try and make my hair look anything less then straw! When I seen this I thought it’s probably rubbish but it’s only £1 so no harm in trying. I actually loved it!! It instructs you to shampoo your hair then towel dry and apply the mask then leave on for 7-10 minutes.

I did this in the shower and carried out my other shower tasks while I waited. As soon as I went to wash it off I could feel the difference. I could run my fingers through my hair!! Yes my hair is that tuggy!! Make sure you give it a really good rinse because I think I might have left a little in by accident and struggled a bit to dry my hair. Once I’d totally dried my hair though the results were amazing! My hair was super soft, smelled fab and looked really shiny. I’d definitely give this a 10/10 it did what it said it would and was my ultimate beauty bargain at only £1!

Manhattan Clearface 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up (76 Sand)

My second favourite out my 3 bargain buys was the Manhattan Clearface 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up in no. 76 Sand. I actually picked this up thinking it was a powder but when I got it home it was actually a ‘2 in 1’ powder and foundation. It comes with a soft sponge for application and goes on pretty well. I probably won’t use this as a foundation though as I’m pretty picky with foundation but as a power it was really good. I’ve bought some expensive powders before that I didn’t honestly feel actually helped my make-up set but this really did the job. I used a powder brush to apply instead of the sponge, as the sponge is more for use if using as a foundation. This stayed on all day and helped my foundation stay put as well, I seem to touch my face a lot and always end up with foundation on my hands but nothing today and my make-up looked so fresh! Again overall really impressed with this and for £1 I’d definitely buy again.

Eyelash Curler

This was my least favourite bargain product. Not much I can really say about an eyelash curler, but I didn’t like this one. To put it simply it didn’t work. I genuinely made no difference at all to my lashes. I haven’t actually used an eyelash curler in years so maybe I’m doing something wrong? Unless there is a special knack to using these that I don’t know about I wouldn’t recommend them.

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