5 Natural Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin All Winter Long

You may notice that your skin is becoming more difficult to manage as the temperature drops and the first snow falls gently outside. Dryer skin can lead to more frequent use of heavier and richer products. However, you might then experience acne flare-ups as your skin struggles with balance.

You may be aware that the cold season has an effect on your skin, but how do you know why?

We’ll be explaining why cold temperatures can have such an impact on your skin. Also, we will give natural tips to restore your skin to its former glory, so you can enjoy all the beauty of this season without worrying about your skin.

Why is my skin so dry in winter?

We’re sure you wish you hadn’t complained during the scorching summer heat. Your skin was still hydrated and glowing despite being sticky and hot. The weather becomes cooler and the air becomes dryer due to the loss of humidity. So, how to hydrate your skin is dependent on your choices. This may seem like a Catch-22 situation, since you cannot escape the dry air indoors. However, artificial heating keeps the air inside dry. Our skin is not so grateful. It’s not so!

You won’t be able to use the same lighter products for your skin during the summer months. Winter air requires deeper hydration as well as protection against the elements. You might have rushed to the local drugstore to pick up some moisturizers only to discover that you are now suffering from breakouts. This is because these conventional products do not consider the skin’s health. These products are mass-produced and contain unhealthy filler ingredients. They also contain very few nutrient-rich ingredients. You only need real ingredients, the right skin lovin’ oils, and some antioxidants to keep your skin radiant, healthy, and glowing. But more on this later. Before we get into the best products for your skin and other external tips that will keep it happy and hydrated, let’s take a look at some internal tricks. Healthy skin begins from the inside.

Food choices are important

Infused water and soups are essential to maintain healthy skin. They also help prevent the spread of colds and flu. The use of anti-inflammatory herbs and foods, like turmeric, can help reduce inflammation and soothe any skin irritations. turmeric can be used to soothe chronic inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. These conditions tend to worsen in cooler months due to a lack of moisture.

Sunburn is still a concern in the cloudy months

You may not be aware of this fact if you feel like you live in perpetual cloud cover in November, but sunburn is a real problem in winter, no matter how cloudy the day. For daily protection, use a natural, mineral sunscreen and eat foods high in beta-carotene to protect your skin. This pumpkin bread is sure to make you swoon!

 Skin Care Tips for the Frosty Season and Essential Products

Before we get into the best skin care products for this season, let’s quickly mention all the holiday parties that you will be invited to. You might find it difficult to resist a glass of bubbly. This can severely sap the moisture in your skin cells. A helpful tip is to drink one glass of water with every drink. Your skin will thank you and you’ll feel great when you get up each morning without a hangover.


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